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Jeanette Sandor, RN, MA, Clinical Psychology, Certified Life Coach

As a registered nurse, Jeanette has always been more interested in wellness than sickness. In 2012, Jeanette became a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. She began coaching individuals on how to deliberately create lives of well-being and abundance. Jeanette also enjoys writing and has authored articles in MindBodyGreen and is the author of the blog Well-Being Life Coach.   In 2014, she returned to school to study clinical psychology in education at  Teachers College, Columbia University  at the Spirituality Mind Body Institute. Jeanette was in the first cohort of this ground-breaking program allowing her the opportunity to spend two years researching, studying, and interning with leading-edge professionals.  Jeanette concentrated her studies on mindfulness and its effects on children, substance use and abuse prevention, parenting, stress management and wellness. During her journey, Jeanette fine-tuned the methods to help others do the inner work that produces outer transformation. After graduating, Jeanette founded The Westchester Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being, LLC to continue her life mission of empowering others to discover the serenity within. In addition to her coaching practice, Jeanette has teamed up with Jan Fielder, founder of Finding Self-Compassion, and offers workshops for parents, teachers, students and caregivers. When Jeanette is not coaching clients or facilitating workshops, she is busy with life as a wife and mother of four amazing humans and one adorable bull mastiff.

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Jeanette Sandor received “Distinction in Research and Creative Work” from Teachers College for her integrative project which was a literature review and the accompanying 8-week workshop “Pathway to Protect Tweens and Teens against Substance Use/Abuse: Step­-by-­Step Exploration of your Spiritual Nature with Mindfulness.”


Jeanette volunteers her time and expertise to several causes close to her heart. The two agencies that she devotes the most time to are the Long Term Care Community Coalition and Girl Scouts. Jeanette is in her fifth year on the Board of Directors of the Long Term Care Community Coalition which serves to advocate for the elderly and infirm. Jeanette is in her 8th year as a Girl Scout leader, enjoying her front-row seat watching a group of girls become strong, capable young women.

Alumni Ambassador

Jeanette is an Alumni Ambassador – Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Jan Fielder

Jan Fielder is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach and Workshop Facilitator who brings an integrative mind body spirit approach to her work with adolescents, college and graduate students, adults, parents and families to help them successfully navigate life’s challenges. Trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Self-Compassion and the Emotional Freedom Technique, she teaches mindfulness and self-compassion as a way to manage stress, anxiety, and life’s challenges, and as a way to optimize overall health and well-being. She is a graduate of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute Masters Program at Teachers College, Columbia University, and is the founder of Finding Self-Compassion an organization whose mission is to teach individuals how to cultivate a kind and supportive relationship with themselves. Jan’s innovative coaching techniques and workshops provide strategies and practices that help build emotional resilience and wellbeing by helping others discover the power within themselves.


The Westchester Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being, LLC’s mission is to teach mind-body-spirit practices to individuals, couples, families, and communities empowering them to live to their true potential. This mission is grounded in evidence-based research in mindfulness, self-compassion and other mind-body practices that decrease stress and align us to our true nature.

The Center is founded by Jeanette Sandor R.N., MA, who coaches individuals, couples and families. Jeanette has been a Registered Nurse for 36 years, a life coach for 5 years and most recently a graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute. Jeanette’s expertise lies in issues surrounding parenting, children, couples, substance use and abuse. stress management, and wellness.

Our History

The Westchester Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being, LLC is a new company with a big dream. The dream is to bring change to a world in conflict one person, one couple, one family and one community at a time. The Center has office space for coaching sessions, workshop space for groups and brings programs to the clients in their homes, schools, religious organizations and corporations.