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Programs & Workshops

Free discovery sessions are available before signing up for coaching programs to ensure we are a good fit before you invest.

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Individual Coaching Programs

The Silver Success Program

3 weeks

This program is 3 weekly sessions lasting anywhere from 45-75 minutes. Sessions take place in person, phone or Skype. This program is an introduction to basic mindfulness practices and provides a healthy start to discovering serenity, decreasing stress and becoming a deliberate creator of one’s own life.

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The Golden Gratitude Program

6 weeks

In this 6-week program, you will learn the basics of mindfulness and become more grounded in the practices. Each session is based on the client’s individualized goals, and at least one mindfulness, self-compassion or other mind-body strategy will be introduced. Together, we will be on a journey to discover serenity and create the life that reflects your true potential. Each session lasts 45-75 minutes and takes place in person or by phone or Skype. This program incorporates twice weekly email support.

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The Platinum Well-Being Program

12 weeks

The 12-week program continues with more mindfulness practices along with vision boards, journaling, and other creative ways to shift consciousness. This program gives plenty of opportunities to ground the new strategies into your daily life. The sessions last from 45-75 minutes and are held in person or via phone or Skype. The Platinum Program comes with daily email affirmations.

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Couples Coaching Program

8 weeks

This is a coaching program for couples on a journey to discover self-love and to see the best in your partner. This 8-week program has an accompanying workbook. This program is highly recommended for engaged couples or those couples that are already living together and wish to replace conflict with serenity and joy!

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Family Coaching Program

4 weeks

This program brings mindfulness to your home. In 4 weeks of 1.5 hour sessions, your family will be introduced to mindfulness techniques that help everyone to de-stress, improve family communication and help cultivate serenity and compassion to the family environment. Every family can benefit from this program. We are living in times that are challenging and demanding. Parents are working and children have full schedules. Even in the most supportive homes, this can equal major stress. Let us teach you strategies to slow down and appreciate your loved ones.

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Empowered Parenting Workshops

4-8 weeks

These 4-8 week workshops awaken parents to new ways of being with their children. During these workshops, parents will learn mindfulness practices, self-compassion, social-emotional learning, effective communication and emotional regulation. The participants will benefit by reduced stress and improved family relations. Parents will learn to access the inner peace that sometimes evades us during our challenging parenting moments.

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Teen Workshops

Adolescents live in a world where they are frequently plugged in, whether it’s to their phones, social media, video games, or Netflix.. Not only is this distracting and time consuming, but it also can be stressful as they navigate their way through the teen years. Through mindfulness, self-compassion, and other practices, your child will learn to “plug in” to their inner resources as they face the challenges of growing up in today’s world. In these workshops, adolescents  will explore resources within yourself that can serve as navigation tools for life.

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Pathway to Protect Tweens and Teens against Substance Use/Abuse: Step­-by­-Step Exploration of your Spiritual Nature with Mindfulness

8 weeks

This program is grounded in mindfulness practices and has elements of spirituality and service. It is non-religious and can be offered in school settings or after-school programs. Research by Lisa Miller PhD has shown that adolescents who have a relatively strong relationship with the divine are 80% less likely to abuse substances. During this 8-week workshop adolescents will explore a relationship with their spiritual selves through mindfulness practices, nature, brain science, and creative activities. On this journey, strategies to embrace emotions and manage stress without the need for substances will be taught.

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Mindful and Compassionate Teaching

Flexible length

This flexible workshop can be as long or as short as your resources allow for. During this workshop, Teachers and all employees at places of learning will be empowered by learning strategies to stay in present-moment awareness with the children they teach/serve. Workshop participants will learn mindfulness practices, self-compassion, heart-centered communication, and working the muscle of seeing the positive aspects of all the children they come in contact with.

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Flexible length

Programs grounded in mindfulness and self-compassion, effective communication and wellness can be tailored to your company’s needs and budgets. When employees can show up at work with their best selves, everyone benefits!

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