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Kind Words

Read what our clients say about our work together.

“I attended an Empowered Dads four session workshop recently with Jan and Jeanette. A father of two, I was reminded early in the first session that I was only one of many different influences in the lives of my children. This fact made it all the more important for me to be as positive an influence as a father I could be. As a group we shared our experiences and challenges as parents. Jan and Jeanette provided us with methods and exercises to help us cope with the numerous stresses in our lives and how to connect with our children more effectively. They explained how children and adults differ in how they view things in their daily lives. What I particularly liked about the workshop is that Jan and Jeanette freely shared their own experiences that they have had as parents. This gave me a sense that we were all in this together. I wish I had taken this workshop sooner as I know this has had a tremendously positive effect on my relationship with my children. We only have these children for a period of time before they are off on their own, and I strongly encourage fathers to participate in this workshop. Jan and Jeanette are warm, welcoming leaders and clearly have a passion for this. It is well worth the time.”

Father of two, Pleasantville, NY

“Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Do you want to be the calmest parent you can possibly be? Do you want a more peaceful and positive home environment? In the Empowered Parenting workshops, you will learn how to be fully present in each moment of your life. You will learn to be kinder to yourself and less self-critical. You will learn how to remain calm in stressful situations. You will feel a sense of community and acceptance as you listen and share with others in your group who may be experiencing similar challenges. You will laugh and you will cry and at the end of each session you will look forward to the next one. Jan and Jeanette are truly amazing and you will be better off for having spent time in these workshops with them.”

Pleasantville Mom, Westchester, NY

“My 5th grade class in Yonkers had a beautiful experience of mindfulness led by the beautiful Jeanette. Not a group necessarily open to new ideas, Jeanette’s instruction and presence gave them permission to embrace a different way to experience their senses. That is to be actually aware of their experience. This served them well in the school environment and many of them brought the teaching home as well. On the last day of school my most shut down student exclaimed I’m keeping my mind jar forever!

Christine R., Westchester, NY

“I am eternally grateful for the time I shared working one-on-one with Jeanette. The space Jeanette held for me was always one of non-judgment and of love, and the freedom that I had to show up, just as I am, each day was all that I needed. I learned so much in those hours that I spent listening to myself answer questions, and I can still hear myself saying those responses today. I can especially still feel what it feels like when those shifts happened inside of me. That’s what happens when something clicks; It stays with you forever. I walked into every meeting with Jeanette with ease and I walked out of each one with self-confidence. I have let go of old beliefs that no longer serve me and I have a new perspective on life that allows me so much more freedom, joy and possibility. One thing in particular that I always remember Jeanette saying is, “The good news is you feel deeply; the bad news is you feel deeply.” That helped me understand myself, accept myself and laugh, too, which is always a nice treat about sessions with Jeanette – deep insights with a side of great laughter. I’m very proud to call Jeanette a great mentor, teacher and friend.”

Jaime P., Pleasantville, NY

“I attended a wonderful 2-day retreat led by Jeanette. She is a master at guided meditation. For anyone new to meditation, Jeanette has a calming strength that will help you to get to that place of peace within yourself. This retreat allowed me to take some much needed time for myself to look at what I truly want out of my life. It was invaluable!”

Lisa V., Mt. Kisco, NY

“Jeanette helped our family to realize how impactful meditation and mindfulness can be in our everyday lives, and in our interactions with each other. We now feel like we really listen to each other! Jeanette’s parenting workshop gave us the tools we needed to feel happier and more connected to each other.”

Gina R., NYC

Jeanette worked closely with our family over several months.  Jeanette has an incredibly positive attitude.  She is truly committed and enthusiastic about the discipline of mindfulness.  We all benefited greatly from our work together, and she was able to address each of our family member’s individual needs.  Our family life has changed significantly for the better since working with Jeanette and we are grateful for her patience and dedication to this work.”

Lori D., NYC

“I attended a parenting workshop with Jan and Jeanette.  The time spent with them was invaluable.  I have two children and a husband that push my buttons every chance they get. Their wisdom and guidance has taught me self-compassion and how to respond instead of reacting, which to be honest, always turns into regret.  I will continue to seek their help throughout my parenting journey. They are essential to me in repairing and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with my family.

Mother of 2, Westchester